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Area Rug Manufacturer

Find The Perfect Area Rug

Area Rug Manufacturer Without an area rug, space can appear uninviting and incomplete, and finding a trustworthy Area Rugs Manufacturer can be a daunting task. Javi home is happy to offer some of the most well-known names in premium quality rugs. We offer a...

Rug Manufacturing Process – Weaving (Jacquard Woven Rug)

As already discussed, the weaving process follows the dyeing of yarns. There is a different weaving process employed for the different types of rugs you are setting out to create. Here is a glimpse into the weaving process we at Javi Home follow for Hand-Tufted,...
Types Of Persian Rugs

Types Of Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs are also known as Iranian Rugs. Produced in Iran, these rugs carry the legacy of years old ancient art. Carpet Weaving formed an integral element of the Persian culture for a multitude of purposes like home use, local scale, and exports. The elaborative...
Carpet/ Rug Manufacturer In UK

Carpet Manufacturers in the UK

Carpet Manufacturer UK   Looking For Carpet Manufacturer Uk - The demand for carpets and rugs made by primarily weaving or tufting wool, cotton, and man-made fabrics is very high in the United Kingdom. The sector only seems to grow from where it is now, thanks to...
Rugs Weaving

Rug Manufacturing Process – Weaving

Rugs Weaving   After the process of dyeing the yarns is completed, the next process consists of weaving the yarns together to form the carpet. The process of weaving is not just a mechanical process but rather reflects the values and culture of a place which are...
Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Rugs & Their Importance

It is getting hot out there and evenings seem like a perfect time to spend some time out in the natural environment. However, the lack of a comfortable and functional seating space might act as a hindrance to your break. To make the most of the great outdoors while...
Dyeing of Carpet Yarn

Rug Manufacturing Process – The Dyeing of Carpet Yarn

The Dyeing of Carpet Yarn is an integral part of the whole manufacturing process. The dyeing procedure provides hues to the carpets that are crucial in establishing the rugs' identity. The patterns and artistic motifs really come alive only when the rug has gone...
Rug in USA

Best Carpet/Rug Manufacturer & Supplier In USA

Carpets/Rugs are used for their aesthetic appeal and their functional properties in a household. In addition to that, carpets also provide a protective layer for floors. These benefits of rugs can be attributed to the fact that people have a high inclination towards...
Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Rugs & All You Need to Know About Them

Moroccan style rugs have originated from Morocco. Traditionally hand-woven they were valued so much in the Moroccan culture that they were used in palaces and sacred places.  The indigenous people of Morocco started creating rugs for the sole purpose of utility, but...
Handloom Rugs

How are Handloom Rugs Manufactured?

A rug is a valuable addition to space. Talking particularly about handloom rugs, they are unique in countenance and touch. Made with strong and durable material, they are even longer-lasting.  If you have ever wondered about how your favorite handloom rugs are made,...

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