An Introduction

Our Rug Guide below is a one-stop solution to all your rug woes. From buying the right rug, to maintaining one after the purchase, we have got you covered for it all. When setting out to buy a rug, you might have inhibitions around factors that tantamount to choosing the perfect rug for your abode. So, let’s acquaint you with all the prerequisite information to help you make a sound decision –

Room Decor

Room Décor – With respect to your personal taste in home décor, you can choose to go for either a modern or vintage rug. For instance, a subdued neutral colored rug would create more texture in a room while keeping it all pretty lowkey. The current trends of consumerism focus on environment friendly, minimalistic, organic materials. 

Design & Texture 

Design & Texture – There is a varied range of designs and textures available in the rug market these days. If you are looking for a natural look in your space, then you can go for rugs with floral patterns or if you want to add a spark to your space then you can look out for one with added sheen. 

Comfort Level

Comfort Level – The primary reason for buying a rug is comfort. Make sure you invest in a rug that provides ultimate snugness under your feet. This varies on the basis of the material used to create a particular rug. Materials like viscose and silk are extremely soft and comfortable. 

Choose the perfect Size 

Choose the perfect Size – The first and foremost step towards getting the right rug is knowing about the size requirements. The size of the room and the furniture that it already has largely determines the rug size you should look out for. Covering up all the space is not a good idea and so is getting a very small rug. It is advisable to have some bare space around the rug. Therefore, get your measurements right.  To get the right size measurements, start by considering the size of each room and the room’s furniture. Getting a right size rug is not just limited to the appropriate measurements but also covers the width of the roll of the carpet and the direction of carpet pile. Thereafter, based on the leftover space, you can pick up rug from the size range of 3×5, 4×6, 5×8, 6×9, 8×10, 9×12, 10×14, 12×15, 12×18, 20×20. 

care instructions

Once you have laid your hands on the perfect rug for your home, it is time to know how to take the right care of it to enjoy its warmth for a good time. Considering the kind of rug you have zeroed in on, following care instructions can be adopted –  

1. Rugs should be kept away from direct sunlight because that might fade the color. At the same time, rugs should also not be kept in places with high humidity.  

2. Do not rub the rug too harshly, in the case of a spillage. Get the surplus liquid off the rug first, and then start cleaning from the edge to the middle of the spot. In extreme cases, it is advisable to get some professional help. 

3. Vacuum your rugs regularly. Due to consistent use, the dirt particles seep in the material of the rugs which make them look dull. To get rid of this dirt and bring back the luster of the rugs, timely vacuuming is crucial. While vacuuming, start from the center and then move towards the fringes. Vacuum it on the lower side as well.  

4. It is common for a new rug to shed some of its fibers, so don’t fret. However, if the threads start to unwind, do not pull them further. Cut them with a pair of scissors. 

5. Too much pressure should not be put over rugs. It is advisable not to drag furniture over them. 

To do away with the possibility of extreme wear and tear due to being placed in high traffic areas, move furniture occasionally.

6. Rotate your rug once or twice a year. This way, the traffic gets dispersed all over the surface of the rug. Thereby, maintaining a uniform look of the rug.  

7. For times when you wish to give your rug a break, fold it into a roll and not a fourfold. This helps in keeping its look intact till the time you wish to use it again.  

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