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Rug Manufacturer And Supplier In Australia


 As one of the most trusted Rug manufacturer and Supplier in Australia for us, quality comes first.  We assure you that we will help you explore our wide selection of Area Rugs in Australia and discover one, that meets all of your requirements, from texture and colour to durability and size. Over the years, Javi Home has offered a wide range of flooring alternatives to Australian customers. We provide a need-based range of quality flooring products and services to our clients, ranging from private residences to public spaces, area rugs to carpet flooring, and more.  

Our Best Seller

We are repeatedly refining our collections and have proudly expanded our categories over the last year to bring you the best in floor covering from across the world, as well as sourcing interesting new accessories for the Australian market. 

Area Rug

Every Javi home area rug, whether it’s a standard, import, or custom design, is made using the highest quality materials and production technology. We guarantee that we will help you explore our large collection of Area Rugs in Australia and locate one that meets all of your requirements, from texture and colour to durability and size. 

Rugs manufacturer In Australia

Why JAVI HOME as rug manufacturer in australia

Javi home aims to provide top quality premium rugs in a variety of collections based upon style, theme, color, material. and designs and We like to deliver the best in the market to our partners at more reasonable charges which help us to become one of the major rugs manufacturers in Australia.  

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Rug Manufacturer In Australia

Outdoor Rug


Who says your backyard can’t be as elegant as the rest of your house? Our Outdoor rugs will not only add style and beauty to your space but will add a lot of comfort to your home. We work hard to develop and provide premier quality rugs that will simplify your search. 

Javi Home As Carpet Supplier In Australia

As one of the most trusted and leading carpet suppliers in Australia, we ensure that to provide you the quality of a product which will give your space homeliness and elegance at the same time. Making a suitable area rug for every room is quite a difficult task. An area rug helps to layer a room’s design by anchoring it, defining it, adding warmth, and stabilizing it. You could even say it aesthetically unifies a space by tying all of the disparate elements together.


How can I customize my rug?

Yes, we do make customized rugs. but we deal in the wholesale. You can customize your rugs by giving us all the necessary details such as size, colour, design, etc. according to your preference. We maintain various popular sizes and designs in our warehouse and can ship them out right away, but we’d be glad to talk to you about other options.

What is the best way to determine the carpet's quality?

You must analyze how a carpet is manufactured to determine its quality, Considering the material and the face weight. Javi home ensures to make rugs with high-quality premier materials and will have a heavier face in weight.

Do you sell sustainable rugs?

Yes, we do make sustainable rugs as Javi home wants to contribute more to an eco-friendly environment world because we care about the environment, as we know you do. We offer a wide range of sustainable flooring collections made up of recyclable materials in different pattern designs and colours.

Which country makes the best rugs?

India is considered to be one of the oldest carpet manufacturing industries. In Maintaining the legacy of Indian culture Javi home aims to deliver you premium quality products that will make your living experience more pleasant and become one of the leading rug suppliers in Australia.

Are there any stain-resistant treatments on your area rugs?

Yes, our area rug made up of Wool which carries its inherent stain-resistant property and is commonly referred to as lanolin.

What types of carpet textures are available at your stores?

Plush Pile, Natural Fibers, loop pile and frieze etc. are some of the textures carpets available are available in our store. These styles describe how the fibers are placed to give the flooring its feel, look, and texture.